Friday, April 5, 2013

We are doing the MOST!

Philly Trans-Health Conference 

Last year I had the pleasure of presenting twice at the world-renown Philly Trans-Health Conference for the first time. The feedback was so positive that we resubmitted our proposals with some modifications, according to the feedback and we've been invited to return!  This time I will be presenting more formally with Shodhini Institute graduate Kayla DLR, and with two-spirit crystal body/birthworkersibling Rafael(a) for Self-Exam for People with a Cervix.  Life has a beautiful way of presenting opportunities and here we are boldly stepping into our power.  I'm also proud to present again with Ryan, LL, Perez and Kim Murray; Utilizing Midwives and Doulas to Build Health Care Access for Trans and GNC communities, AND, Community Building with Trans and Gender non-conforming doulas, midwives, and reproductive justice activists. 
We are fortunate to have our flights covered by the conference. We are in need of support for the hotel stay. If you are interested in chipping in, you can send it here.

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