Friday, April 5, 2013

We are doing the MOST!

Philly Trans-Health Conference 

Last year I had the pleasure of presenting twice at the world-renown Philly Trans-Health Conference for the first time. The feedback was so positive that we resubmitted our proposals with some modifications, according to the feedback and we've been invited to return!  This time I will be presenting more formally with Shodhini Institute graduate Kayla DLR, and with two-spirit crystal body/birthworkersibling Rafael(a) for Self-Exam for People with a Cervix.  Life has a beautiful way of presenting opportunities and here we are boldly stepping into our power.  I'm also proud to present again with Ryan, LL, Perez and Kim Murray; Utilizing Midwives and Doulas to Build Health Care Access for Trans and GNC communities, AND, Community Building with Trans and Gender non-conforming doulas, midwives, and reproductive justice activists. 
We are fortunate to have our flights covered by the conference. We are in need of support for the hotel stay. If you are interested in chipping in, you can send it here.

Shodhini Institute's Next Trainings

We have the wonderful opportunity to present our newly revamped and improved 4 week training at the Lullaby Lounge, Lakewood and a private home in Pasadena.

This series will be the 11th Cohort of Shodhini Institute where we train folks in self-help (self-exam), how to understand feminist anatomy and physiology, womb loving ritual, and somatic sex education. With a small group of brilliant students you can embark on a journey of self discovery so deep, it is sure to bring you to center and reclaim your body.  Make sure to join us on our next Online Informational Session to learn all the details and ask all the questions you want before signing up for the May or July class.

Also check out our Big Cartel online store where you could find all the books we use in the training!

San Diego Birth Network Open House/Cesarean Awareness

San Diego Birth Network

SDBN Open House/ Cesarean Awareness

Dear Friends in San Diego, 
I'm honored to be a part of the San Diego Birth Network as a Sexological Bodyworker.  On Friday April 12, I'll be Skyping in from the CLPP Conference to share my knowledge concerning Cervical Scar Tissue and how I address it through Sexological Bodywork. Over the past year I've had the opportunity to work with women in Hillhurst where I maintained a practice on a monthly basis while attending midwifery study group through Birth Roots Midwifery. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in scheduling sessions. I am planning on being in San Diego in May and July, as long as there is enough interest! 
See you on the 12th!
WhenFri, April 12, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
WhereBirth Education Center of SD, 9845 Erma Road, Ste. 202, San Diego, 92131 (map)
DescriptionPlease join us at the Birth Education Center for VBAC awareness and Cervical Support Our speakers will be Sharon Trom co-leader of ICAN San Diego,{} and Pati Garcia, Trained by DONA, the Shiatsu School of California, and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Human Sexuality, Pati offers a wide knowledge of the body from a holistic feminist bodyworker perspective. Pati will be at another conference in Massachusetts on the day of our Open House but will be skyping in to give her talk and answer questions.Check her out on FaceBook as well at Chula Doula. Our guest midwife will be Heather LeMaster who will be sharing about her work with San Diego County Midwives {} This is a pot luck gathering, so please bring a little something to share. Look forward to seeing you there!

CLPP Conference 2013

CLPP Conference 

Massachusettes here I come!  For the past 2 years now I've been tweeted at from this conference on Civil LIberty and Public Policy "building the movement for reproductive freedom". Because my practice lays on the edge of the cutting edge, many times I am left out of more mainstream reproductive rights/justice conversations.  Sexological Bodywork is edgy and provocative because it places PLEASURE and AROUSAL front and center to 'reproductive health'. Also as a "self-helper", the notion of taking a speculum into your own hands to get to know your cervix, many times seems like a thing of the past. Let's say it can be seen as old school and irrelevant in the age of the interwebs where we can see millions of pictures of cervix.  But I have to remind you, FROM the conference people would send me tweets, asking, why aren't YOU here CHULA DOULA?  I have been intrigued on how to get in on that conference ever since. Finally the time has come!
THIS year, with the help of Ryan Pryor, a long time birthworker trans midwife friend of mine, Perez aka Radical Doula, and the incredible  LL Gimeno MSW, we submitted a workshop entitled "Birth Work for Activists!"  This collaborative workshop on midwifery and full spectrum doula care is for everyone, including current and future birth workers! We will briefly cover the following areas: abortion care, birth, intrauterine insemination, pelvic self exam, and sexological bodywork! With a historical analysis, we will make explicit the connections between birth work and reproductive justice- how birth work and full spectrum doula care has the potential to interrupt the dynamics of racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, and ableism that are built into the U.S. medical system. We will also collectively share strategies for navigating medical care and holding providers accountable. 

Shodhini Institute will have a vendor table right next to Radical Doula at the conference!!

Sexological Bodyworker and Scar Tissue Remediation Specialist

As a Sexological Bodyworker and Scar Tissue Remediation Specialist I am able to provide bodywork to address genital issues pertaining to pleasure, arousal, pain, and numbness.

Sessions usually last somewhere between 1.5hrs to 2hrs.
The cost is $175 a session including all the materials.
Discounted packages are available, 2, 3, 4 session packages.

For Scar Tissue Remediation Only (Non-Sexological)- $80-$120, Sliding Scale

My office is located in Los Angeles at the Community Birth Center located at 2422 W. Florence Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90043.

Here is a description of the bodywork I offer.

"What is Sexological Bodywork and Scar Tissue Remediation?"
Sexological Bodywork aims to enhance sexual pleasure -- it is a healing modality that develops tools of communication and genital awareness. With breath and hands-on bodywork, I guide you to bring oxygen to scarred/numbed tissue, enhancing physical sensation, and allowing you the potential to heal from trauma.

Sessions are safe and client-guided; For scar tissue remediation I use unbleached cotton flannel, castor oil, and a heating pad/hot water bottle followed by massage. For Sexological bodywork Pati uses nitrile gloves and coconut oil and/or water-based lube for internal work- following your story, staying with the body's tension, and letting it melt. Sessions can be simply working with external anatomy, or a combination of internal and external. Scar tissue remediation helps restore the resiliency of the tissues that have been disrupted. Significant results are felt after one session, such as enhanced breathing, relief of other pain or tightness in the body.

Types of Scar Tissue include but not limited to:

Natural Tears from giving Birth
Cervical Scars from Colposcopy Biopsies/LEEP Procedures
Top Surgery

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and book your appointment- chuladoula at  and 510-363-0160.