Friday, April 5, 2013

CLPP Conference 2013

CLPP Conference 

Massachusettes here I come!  For the past 2 years now I've been tweeted at from this conference on Civil LIberty and Public Policy "building the movement for reproductive freedom". Because my practice lays on the edge of the cutting edge, many times I am left out of more mainstream reproductive rights/justice conversations.  Sexological Bodywork is edgy and provocative because it places PLEASURE and AROUSAL front and center to 'reproductive health'. Also as a "self-helper", the notion of taking a speculum into your own hands to get to know your cervix, many times seems like a thing of the past. Let's say it can be seen as old school and irrelevant in the age of the interwebs where we can see millions of pictures of cervix.  But I have to remind you, FROM the conference people would send me tweets, asking, why aren't YOU here CHULA DOULA?  I have been intrigued on how to get in on that conference ever since. Finally the time has come!
THIS year, with the help of Ryan Pryor, a long time birthworker trans midwife friend of mine, Perez aka Radical Doula, and the incredible  LL Gimeno MSW, we submitted a workshop entitled "Birth Work for Activists!"  This collaborative workshop on midwifery and full spectrum doula care is for everyone, including current and future birth workers! We will briefly cover the following areas: abortion care, birth, intrauterine insemination, pelvic self exam, and sexological bodywork! With a historical analysis, we will make explicit the connections between birth work and reproductive justice- how birth work and full spectrum doula care has the potential to interrupt the dynamics of racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, and ableism that are built into the U.S. medical system. We will also collectively share strategies for navigating medical care and holding providers accountable. 

Shodhini Institute will have a vendor table right next to Radical Doula at the conference!!

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