Thursday, March 7, 2013

Philly Trans-Health Conference 2013

We have been selected to present at the 2013 Philly Trans-Health Conference!!
Topics we are presenting on are as follows: Self-Exam for People with a Cervix, Utilizing Midwives and Doulas to Build Health Care Access for Trans and GNC communities, AND, Community Building with Trans and Gender non-conforming doulas, midwives, and reproductive justice activists.

Last year I had the pleasure of presenting Self-Exam for Folks with a Cervix and we had such a positive response that we are doing it again. This time I hope to bring with me two co-presenters, Kayla De Los Reyes from Shodhini Institute and my dear friend Rafaela, a two spirit bodyworker extraordinaire.

Our panel on Trans and GNC Birthworkers and Accessibility also went so well that we were accepted again, and we will be rearranging the format to make it more interactive. AND we were able to get extra time to community build!! I'm proud to be presenting with Miriam Zoila Perez aka Radical Doula, Ryan Pryor Midwife, Lucia Leandro Gimeno, Abigail Fletcher Midwife and Kim Murray.

Philly Trans-Health is covering some travel costs, which we are so thankful for. We definitely need support to cover our housing and expenses. If you are interested in supporting us in our journey please consider clicking the donate button below. We are making grandiose efforts to create a national network of resources for Trans and GNC folks in the big world of reproductive justice and birth justice. That's what WE ARE DOING!

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