Tuesday, December 14, 2010


People want to know, what does 2011 look like for Pati Garcia and all her crazy ideas? Well my friends, I'm workin' it out day by day. Since New Moon it's been shaking down rather seamlessly . . . Basically I'll be starting a 5 wks series of workshops related to D.I.Y. Gynecology and Self-Help/Self-Exam, Sexological Bodywork/ Somatic Sex Education, and birth doula. The intent is to have at least 40 people trained and ready to hold informative workshops themselves and spread the word on body autonomy.
I'm definitely planning on being at various conferences, the Anarchist Bookfair LA, UCR's Queer People of Color Conference, Philly's Trans-Health Conference, SisterSong in Miami, and maybe some other ones that might sneak in there.
Also, I'm willing to go where people invite me to go, for example, New York (possibly May into June). It's been a long time coming and in the works to hold workshops there, book individual Sexological Bodywork Sessions, etc. Also planning on running the 5 week workshop in Miami from June through July. The purpose of the 5 weeks is to be able to follow at least one menstrual cycle for uterine size check.
So from this point forward it's all about making the right connections with the right folks who are ready to make this revolution happen.