Friday, April 5, 2013

Shodhini Institute's Next Trainings

We have the wonderful opportunity to present our newly revamped and improved 4 week training at the Lullaby Lounge, Lakewood and a private home in Pasadena.

This series will be the 11th Cohort of Shodhini Institute where we train folks in self-help (self-exam), how to understand feminist anatomy and physiology, womb loving ritual, and somatic sex education. With a small group of brilliant students you can embark on a journey of self discovery so deep, it is sure to bring you to center and reclaim your body.  Make sure to join us on our next Online Informational Session to learn all the details and ask all the questions you want before signing up for the May or July class.

Also check out our Big Cartel online store where you could find all the books we use in the training!

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