Monday, October 18, 2010

Australia Sex Bod- Scar Tissue Remediation

While I've been here I had the opportunity to work on a person with scars from a myomectomy (surgery to remove endometriosis). As I began to palpate the abdomen, I sensed so much tension that I went at it quite lightly, feeling around each scar gently. Feeling the underside, topside and right throguh the scars. My mentor Ellen Heed came through and with confidence palpated deeper and the entire abdomen began to release. The client breathed deeply with each stroke and the softening began. I've learned that scar tissue is a disorganization of new collagen, it can start a disease process as the adhesions shorten and weaken the original tissue. Scar tissue may spread inwards where it is not visible and can pull and tug on other organs and body parts, leading to other bodily dysfunction and pain.
The palpation began at the lower abdomen between the public bone and navel. I could feel a ropey thickness in the right fallopian tube. I smoothed it out with castor oil, over and over again. The client noticed that there was a reciprocal sensation in the upperleft side of her abdomen connecting to her ribcage. While palpating the bottom right, I also palpated and stretched the upper left abdomen to complete the unwinding of the scar tissue.
WHen the client sat up, they expressed an immense amount of relief in their back and shoulders, stating that they don't remember being able to sit up so straight without pain. THe clients eyes were much more open and bright then when I first met them.

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