Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sexological Bodywork Training in Australia

I have the wonderful opportunity to intern/mentor a group of Sexological Bodywork students in Australia with Joseph Kramer and Ellen Heed. I am continuing my education by adding another layer of sexological bodywork, including pelvic floor scar tissue remediation, bringing feeling back to scarred/numb areas due to body dysphoria, birth trauma, sexual trauma, cesareans, etc. I am integrating this style of bodywork into my birth doula practice offering pre-natal and post-partum sexological bodywork sessions to my clients. I know that it is essential to address sexuality and pleasure as a source of power and comfort. Also, I'm sharing ejaculation education as a means to ensure women a more tangible practice in "pushing" their babies out. I'll be blogging about my experience in Australia and soon will post up my experiences from my first round of training this past Spring in San Francisco. If you'd like to contribute to my revolutionary efforts in body autonomy and pleasure please send a donation via my PayPal:
Mil Gracias!