Friday, January 25, 2013

ISO Apprentice in Los Angeles

Dear readers,

The time has come to share what I've been learning and developing for over ten years. Many folks have been asking to apprentice with me, or for me to mentor them. I've resisted this arrangement for many years because I didn't feel the time was right or that I had gained enough experience. And now after so much time and spiritual growth, I feel called to accept this request. Especially when my own community proclaims that I am ready. Thank you so much for saying these positive affirmations to me.

I've been posting on my facebook business page, the call out for interested people, and now I'm posting it here to see who else comes through.

Interviews are being held for Chula Doula Bodywork and Womb Services. If you are interested please e-mail me at ChulaDoula at Gmail. com ♥

Apprenticing would include: meeting twice a week for 4-6 hours, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please message me the following: Name, phone number, e-mail, how did you hear about Chula Doula Bodywork and Womb Services- hobbies, work experiences, languages, skills, cultural background, trainings, specific healing practices.


+Have own vehicle and independent source of income

+Live in a 20 mile radius of Echo Park or Hyde Park

+Being accessible by cell phone (24/7) and e-mail (business hours).

+Assisting with interviews, prenatal visits, and postpartum visits with clients.

+ Assist with booking bodywork clients and intake forms.

+ Attending workshops and reproductive health classes, as well as additional trainings in full-spectrum doula support.

+Assisting with outreach, print and e-mail advertisements/press releases.

+Keeping track of conference abstracts, submissions, travel arrangements.

+Meeting with Pati on a weekly basis in addition to doula meetings/births.

This is a work-exchange program, when possible there will be meals and gasoline stipends. I am looking for a commitment from February 2013- July 2013.

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