Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing/Chakra balancing gives us tools to connect with our ancestral power and wisdom; embodying our full potential. The sessions will begin with an Agua de Florida cleansing of the head, ears, and neck. Then you will lay down on the massage table, set intention, and crystals will be laid onto the chakras, (hips/belly/heart/throat/forehead/top of head), then tapped according to your pulse and the primordial sound of the universe. If needed, breathing techniques will be introduced to take the healing further.


"My experience with Pati's crystal healing session was exactly what I hoped it would be. During a period of transition in my life, I felt the need to re-center with the help of healing energy and Pati facilitated that process of rejuvenation with the help of her crystals and guided visualizations. Pati has a natural depth of intuition and sensitivity to energies that is rare and beautiful. I walked away feeling deeply at peace and excited for what lay ahead and would highly recommend her healing sessions to all."
~Sarah Marie

Folks usually donate anywhere between $40-$80 for this beautiful experience.  I also accept $33, $54, $81 $108..... Just get your DNA re-set already. The world is waiting for it. Contact me if you'd like to give this as a holiday gift to someone.  I book sessions in Los Angeles, San Diego and Oakland.

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